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We are the most multi-faceted beverage outlet in the area, specializing in just about everything from craft beers to international liqueurs and world-renowned wines.

​Catering to every budget with a full and complete range of products, we are ready to provide your event with every beverage you need.  We offer personalized and professional service throughout the entire process, with the experience and know-how that  makes providing beverages to your guests the easiest part of planning your event.

Over 35+ Years Experience With All Types of Catered Events

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If you would rather discuss the building of your bar over the phone please call 908-788-3775 and we will build it together!

Let's face it, with all there is to plan and prep for, there is a lot on your plate when it comes to this event.  The last thing you need to worry about is the beverages you are going to provide, how much you will need and how it's going to be delivered.  With Little Bros, you can rest assured that when it comes to the beverages for your event, everything will be taken care of, relieving you of some of the stress that comes with planning an event.

"One less thing to worry about"