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Every Event is Unique
Regardless of how many events we cater, we always take the time to treat every event with the same personal attention and uniqueness it deserves.  Whether it's a wedding, bar mitzvah/bat mitzvah, anniversary, birthday or corporate party, we employ the philosophy of open communication throughout the entire planning process by combining your ideas with our experience to create a truly memorable event.  Is there going to be a signature drink?  Are you going to have wine table service?  Would you like a venetian bar set-up?  These are just a few of the questions we address during the communication process.  Unlike other beverage providers, we don't dictate which type of brands will be provided to your guests.  This is your event, not ours.  Rather, we recommend and suggest certain beverages based on our experience, current trends and your input.  There are no packages or set lists.  Every event is different therefore every beverage inventory list is unique.

Personalized Service Throughout

"Open Communication" is our Philosophy

If you are getting married or throwing a party and you want to supply beverages to your guests, the first thing to do is contact us.  We are very easy to get a hold of via telephone or by email (info@littlebroswine.com) or by Building Your Bar.  Once we are contacted,  an event specialist will reach out to you to discuss the particulars of your event.  After we gather all the pertinent information, we will then create a beverage inventory list for you to preview.  Over time and through open communication, we will edit the list, adding and subtracting items until we have a finalized version.  We will email both you and the caterer the final copy.  We will then contact the caterer about delivery and pickup times.

If you choose the pickup option, we will be there when the event ends to pickup the unused product.  The following day we will contact you and let you know exactly what was consumed and what the balance is.  

We require a deposit one week before the event and we keep a credit card on file until the final balance is paid.  It's that simple!